Protecting your information is important to us

This site uses 256-bit High-grade Encryption for secure data transactions, everytime.

Data Storage

For data transactions & data storage, a number of technical measures have been implemented to protect your data which includes but is not limited to:

Account access & passwords

  • All user passwords are encrypted (SHA256) and stored using best practices
  • All password changes are recorded

More about our transaction encryption

Always-On SSL (AOSSL), also known as HTTPS everywhere, means using an SSL Certificate across every page on a website to protect all data a user views or submits online.

Currently, most sites only use SSL to secure pages where sensitive data is passed, like login credentials or credit card numbers. This causes the user to bounce between HTTPS and HTTP sessions, even after they have logged in, leaving much of the information a user sees online exposed to third parties and other malicious users online.

Using SSL only on secure information page for encryption is not enough to combat today?s threats. New methods of hijacking and eavesdropping unencrypted sessions make it easier than ever to steal your users? information.

Persistent SSL connections online ensures that all pages, cookies, and sessions are secure and that all user data is safe, no matter what page they are on. Using HTTPS everywhere on your site helps ensure that user connections online are totally and completely secure.